We’re geeks at Geek Duds.

We know, not surprising. But it’s important.

We get the geek culture, the obscure references, the pin-point focus on certain subjects. We’ll argue until midnight about how to pronounce “gif”, who was the best Dr. Who, or whether Balrogs have wings. We love technology and science – especially astronomy, physics, and chemistry. Science fiction and fantasy books are our soul mates. We get annoyed that geek culture has become mainstream.

Thanks Game of Thrones!

But, it’s better to do something productive than go through life getting annoyed. So, we’re designing geeky t-shirts that show our passion for the geekier side of life. Maybe not everyone will understand what “Shaka, when the walls fell” means, but we know you will.

How it started

Geek Duds was started by Rick King, a geek at heart who’s always been fascinated by science and technology. He grew up on late-night sessions of DnD, can quote almost every episode of Star Trek TNG, and fondly reads books about the Einstein-Bohr debates. As a long-time professional in the graphic design and web development industries, what better way for a former Creative Director to express his inner geek than design geeky science t-shirts?

The other, more important reason, is to bring attention to the sciences and scientific endeavors in general. Around the world, but especially here in the U.S., there are attempts to undermine, or create doubt, about the validity of science and science education. The best way to counter this is education. We need to be more scientifically literate, to go where the facts take us, and to stay curious about the world around us. The more scientifically literate we are, the more scientifically literate public servants we will vote into office, ultimately placing science in the middle of smart public policy.

So, to the extent that funny science or science fiction t-shirts can advocate for science education, I’m all in!

The Process

Geek Duds is a print-on-demand service. That means we don’t carry inventory. We print each product when it’s ordered. That means your geeky t-shirt is always hot off the press.

User Design Submissions

We’re adding designs all the time. As fast as we can design them. But if you have an idea for a design, contact us here. We’ll soon be opening up our site to designer submissions! Stay tuned.