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T-Shirts for Geeky Groups

There are a lot of reasons why people might want to band together in groups. After all, we’ve been doing it for thousands of years and have become quite good at it. But let’s put evolutionary biological reasons aside for now. Usually people group around a common cause or a shared vision. Maybe they’re employees of a large company or perhaps just a small club that gets together on Tuesday nights. A shared goal unites us and gives us a feeling of kinship. But it takes more than a shared vision to unite us.

It takes geeky t-shirts.

Whatever your reason for banding together, Geek Duds can help craft that perfectly-designed corporate event t-shirt and turn your group into a cohesive, well-oiled fighting machine striking fear in all those who oppose you. Imagine if Frodo and his eight Fellowship companions were wearing cool t-shirts over their chain mail or leather jerkins! Balrogs hah!

Geek Duds was there when we needed them! Our shirts were delivered the day we left for Mt. Doom. And they looked great!

Frodo Baggins, Fellowship of the Ring Founding Member

OK, so maybe you’re not adventuring to Mt. Doom, but instead your company is sponsoring a local 5K run. The principle still applies. And you still need t-shirts. (And let’s be honest, dealing with some of those event organizers is probably not that different than dealing with Middle Earth Orcs).

The process is really quite simple:


Geek Duds Experience

We have experience in both the corporate world, as well as with smaller start-ups. So whether you have a specific idea in mind, or just starting from scratch, we’ll work closely with you from concept to completion and bring your idea to life.

This is Geek Duds, so you can be sure that we’ll approach the design from a geeky perspective. That’s why we’re a perfect fit for most technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, or any science-based organization. We also work great with start-ups, especially in medtech or fintech. Or frankly, just about any tech you can think of.